Kavala to Skiathos 18th – 25th May

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(Airports: Kavala, some direct flights from the UK, (or Thesssalonika, plenty of direct flights plus a three/four hour bus ride) and Skiathos, direct flights to the UK)

This is a new route for us so a bit of a voyage of discovery.

Hopefully the weather will permit us to return to Skiathos by a different route than the one we took getting from there to Kavala. Unless of course there are some places just so stunning that we would want to revisit!

As the chart shows there are two main options for this voyage: the red route going south and westwards by the three peninsulas and the Greek mainland or the purple route down through the island chain of Thassos, Samothraki, Limnos, Efstratios, Panagia, and Skopelos. Both routes look great and both have plenty to explore and see.

Again if you are interested in this voyage you will get more out of it if you do a bit of research on the route, the ports we might visit, interesting places ashore, even places to avoid. For instance, did you know women are not allowed to land at Mount Athos! I think Google Earth is always a good place to start, charts for the area are fairly inexpensive to download onto a device and the pilot book is well worth a read.