• £400 per berth
  • £600 for single occupancy of a double cabin
  • £700 for two people booking one double cabin

Our price does not include flights, transfers or insurance.


Making a Booking

Please email or phone to discuss booking a voyage. We like to get to know our crews before any trip and we are very happy to discuss any aspect of the passage.



A payment of 50% of the price will confirm your berth with a second payment of 50% to be made at least six weeks before departure.



Smoking is not permitted on the yacht.  Moderate “vaping” on deck is usually possible


The Kitty

We want our Greek voyages to be as much like a charter as possible, we want our crew to understand the costs involved in sailing in Greece. (We also want to keep the headline cost per berth as low as possible) Our boat is self-catering, our crews decide for themselves what they wish to do about food and drink, when they want to eat ashore and when they want to eat on board. To manage this we ask each crew to set up a kitty to cover these costs. About €60 per person is usually enough though those on boats transiting the Corinth Canal, probably the most expensive waterway in the world, may have to put in an extra €20

Terms and Conditions

Please ensure that you have read our Terms and Conditions. Please confirm this in an email.