Kalamata to Athens 6th – 20th November 2019

(Airports Kalamata and Athens)

The boat is a Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 440          Check it out here

We will be moving the boat from Kalamata to Athens                      2 double cabins still available

Last year we did this route as a one week trip. We were so impressed by some of the places we had to sail by that this year we want twice the time for the voyage.

There are few really wonderful places to visit along this coast that require a two night stop. If the weather gives us an opportunity to get into the Gulf of Laconika then two nights in Yithion would give time to visit Mistra, said to be a fine little medieval fortified town. Monemvasia is also well worth a two night stop. A perfectly preserved Byzantine town, very wonderful and so beautiful that two of our crew got engaged there last year and plan to marry there this year. Monemvasia is very special.

We would also like to put in two nights at both Navplion, said to be a “gem” with great architecture, a finely preserved Venetian citadel and within reach of Mycenae. Idra, or Hydra is also a two night place. Lovely little harbour, car free, once home of the great Leonard Cohen, sounds good to me.

Amongst the other places we might stop are Porto Kayio, a lovely anchorage safe in most winds. Almost nothing there other than a couple of tavernas on the beach, the amazing double sided beach anchorage at the southern end of Elafonisos, not even a taverna there, Kithera, lovely Poros, and Perdica on Aegina. With the time we have available there are lots of options.

Obviously this route and these stops are entirely weather dependent but hopefully we manage it

There are challenges in the sailing: Ak Maleas, the eastern finger of the Peloponnese has a bit of a bad reputation. That one is well worth a watch. The Elafonisos Boat Channel also sounds a bit scary.

We can decide on where we want to stop en route. We can decide on daily distances, when we want to start, if we want to anchor for a lunchtime swim, we can even decide whether we want to do an overnight passage.

Hopefully the aspiring skippers will take charge for the day and create a suitable passage plan.

If you are interested in this voyage we would really suggest you do a bit of research on the routes and the ports at which we might stop. Google Earth is a very good place to start. If you are really interested try to get hold of one of the excellent pilot books for the area.

Whatever route we choose we will be sailing past very beautiful islands through “wine blue” waters. Lovely little ports with great tavernas, good food and hopefully a cold beer.