Kefalonia to Kalamata 2nd  to 9th  November 2019

(Airports in Kefalonia and Kalamata)

Beneteau Oceanis 43           Check it out here

We will be shifting this boat from Kefalonia to Kalamata

Sailing through mythology and history again: more of Ulysses plus the Battle of Navarino, the great naval battle between the Turkish Ottoman fleet and an “allied” Christian fleet. Maybe a more important naval battle than Trafalgar.

Which route will we take? Over to the Greek mainland or west of Zakynthos? We can take whichever route suits us and the weather. Plenty of passage planning decisions to be made on this route.

If we really wanted to, we could stop in Zakynthos and do some serious clubbing,………………..well maybe not.

The routes shown here are no more than suggestions. We have no fixed itinerary.

We can decide on where we want to stop en route. We can decide on daily distances, when we want to start, if we want to anchor for a lunchtime swim, we can even decide whether we want to do an overnight passage.

Hopefully the aspiring skippers will take charge for the day and create a suitable passage plan.

If you are interested in this voyage we would really suggest you do a bit of research on the routes and the ports at which we might stop. Google Earth is a very good place to start. If you are really interested try to get hold of one of the excellent pilot books for the area.

Whatever route we choose we will be sailing past very beautiful islands through “wine blue” waters. Lovely little ports with great tavernas, good food and hopefully a cold beer.

The voyage is about you, not us. We have a starting point, and a destination . . . the rest is up to you.