More About You

What we want to do

We want you to really enjoy sailing with us. You choose how much or how little of the sailing you wish to do. Sit back and enjoy the beauty of it all or plan the passage, set the sails and take the helm. You make the voyage what you want it to be.

Or, if you feel you want to learn more, then we want to help you develop as a sailor. We are all on the journey from complete beginner to the complete sailor, a destination that none of us will ever reach.

Our voyages are there to help you on your journey. Our initial planning is light on detail: we have a start point and we have a destination. We would prefer the “how we get there” to be up to you. We want you to research and plan the trip: you discuss and decide on the route, the stops, and the timings.

You will have aspects of your sailing that you will wish to develop through your voyage. You might be on your way to becoming a DaySkipper and so wish to practice some of the skills that that requires: you may be a Coastal YachtMaster working towards YachtMaster Offshore and so wish to polish your passage planning. You may be wishing to explore the intricacies of “Med Mooring”. You may be a complete beginner just wanting to find out what sailing in the sun is all about.

On board with you, and also on the journey to being the complete sailor you will have an Ocean YachtMaster/RYA Cruising Instructor. Happy to offer advice: happy to demonstrate a few techniques, happy to bounce ideas about, very happy to spend hours talking about boating, happy to share many many miles of experience and also very happy to learn more himself.  Also very happy to sit back and let others get on with it.

Or you may just be somebody looking for a relaxing sailing voyage, in that case just sit back and enjoy!


A bit more about us

There can be up to nine boats in our flotilla. We sail in company with Sailing Jollies in what Richard, the admiral, who runs the Jollies calls an “event”. We do not always go to the same places but we often do. We like to give our crews the opportunity to boat swap: to spend a day or two sailing on another type of boat, bigger or smaller with a different crew and a different skipper. Opportunities to see other ways of doing things, opportunities to broaden your experience.

We always have a very international crews sailing on the Jollies: on one trip we had a boat with a mainly Rumanian crew, another with a Swiss crew, others with French people, North Americans, Spanish, French and even some Scots. So boat swapping can also be very cosmopolitan.

Crews are completely free to do what they wish in the evenings in port: eat on board, eat ashore; hang out together, be by yourself, it’s up to you. Sometimes we manage to negotiate a “fixed price deal” with a taverna where as many as wish from the flotilla can eat together. Nine boats, about five or six per boat, it can be very sociable. Lots of our crews return time and time again.

 Our voyages are “unpackaged”.  Although we can offer advice on travelling to meet us we do not make the arrangements. Some of the airports we use are fairly “provincial”. Many of the ports we visit are well off the usual track: very few big white hotels, all very Greek.