Corfu to Kalamata 26 Oct to 5 Nov

(Airports Corfu and Kalamata)                      2 double cabins still available

We will be sailing a wonderful Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 440          Check it out here

This is going to be an exciting trip!

In previous years we have spent two weeks going from Corfu to Kalamata with the possibility of a crew change in Kefalonia. This year we plan to do it in ten days. A different sort of voyage, something new.

Depending on exactly which route we choose to take it is a distance of about 250 nms. A good distance to go in the time given. This will be a very good mile builder, is very likely to include at least one 60+nms passage and some night hours.

It’s really a voyage in three parts, Corfu down to Levkas, fairly open water, Levkas down to Zante, between the islands in fairly sheltered water, then Zante to Kalamata down a fairly exposed coast and round the first of the Peloponnese fingers. Its actually slightly shorter to miss the Levkas canal but to go west of that island, more exposed, then down between Kefalonia and Ithaca. Decisions, decisions decisions.

It’s a fantastic voyage with loads of variation. Sheltered shores and exposed open passages. Great headlands and narrow passages between islands. The usual variety of very attractive ports, beautiful bays and stunning views.

Amongst the places we are likely to visit will be either Lakka or Gaios on Paxos, both gorgeous, Prevesa, the always popular Levkas canal, Vathi on Ithaca is always a good stop, it would be a shame to miss Agia Effimia on Kefalonia, Zakinthos Town perhaps, Katakolo, Kyparissia, and impressive Pylos on the great Bay of Navarino

We cannot be certain of our route until we know the weather and then we can decide for ourselves. This is after all “unpackaged” sailing.

It is impossible to sail in Greece without sailing through history. Nobody is absolutely certain of the route taken by Ulysses in the Odyssey but it was certainly through these waters. As we pass modern day Preveza we will be coasting past Actium, site of the battle where Octavian (Caesar Augustus) crushed Antony and past the modern Cleopatra marina. From  Katakolon it is possible to get to Olympia. At Pylos we will be at the sight of the Battle of Navarino, the great naval battle between the Turkish Ottoman fleet and an “allied” Christian fleet. Maybe a more important naval battle than Trafalgar. And finally as well as being surrounded by wonderful olives it is not far from Kalamata to Sparta