Sailing in Greece

Sailing in Greece is truly excellent. The sea is a wonderful colour, the landscapes and islands are beautiful, the ports and villages are very pretty, the food and drink hearty and inexpensive and the weather, ah the weather.

Cruise past ancient ruins, drop anchor in secluded coves, explore picturesque villages while developing your skills and building miles.

In late season we sail boats from their summer charter base to where they are laid up during the winter, and in the spring we bring them back again. This allows us to depart from the usual well-worn flotilla routes and  create real voyages with a starting point and a destination. Corfu to Athens is a usual route for us: sometimes the “long way” south about and sometimes through the Corinth Canal. Occasionally we will plan to do a circular route, but always seeking out the interesting places to go.

Solstice Sailing is associated with Sailing Jollies in chartering entire flotillas that allows us to offer our clients superb prices for tremendous early and late season sailing in Greece.

Is it for you?

Our voyages suit the widest variety of sailors. You maybe a boat owner in Northern Europe keen to sail in the sun, eager to explore new sailing areas;  you may just simply want to go sailing in a very beautiful part of the world; while for others we can provide the stepping-stones between the RYA certificates,  the voyages and experiences, the research that has to be done, the decisions that need to be made. All the components that add together to the more complete sailor.  Sailing with us provides opportunities to put the skills learnt on a training yacht into effect on a real voyage, or to develop your existing skill set and offer insights you can take back to your own boat.

Our voyages are “unpackaged”.  Although we can offer advice on travelling to meet us we do not make the arrangements. Some of the airports we use are fairly “provincial”. Many of the ports we visit are well off the usual track: very few big white hotels, all very Greek.

There can be up to nine boats in our Greek sailing flotillas. We do not always go to the same places but we often do. We like to give our crews the opportunity to boat swap: to spend a day or two sailing on another type of boat, bigger or smaller with a different crew and a different skipper. Opportunities to see other ways of doing things, opportunities to broaden your experience.

Mile building and sail training in Greece

A sailing holiday in Greece sounds like a great idea, but perhaps you need to justify it? Well, if  you need to gain more sea-time and consolidate your sailing experience by mile building this is an ideal way to do it. Perhaps you are looking to  log more sea miles towards your next RYA ticket, or maybe you just want to  gain greater experience with some serious sea-time ?

While there are no formal qualifications on offer on these trips, you will be sailing with a skipper who is an RYA instructor with enormous sail training experience, both in the Mediterranean and elsewhere. 

Lazy Greek sailing holiday, Mediterranean milebuilder or the opportunity to learn new tricks from an old  sail training pro while exploring Greece   –  or all three. Sailing in Greece with Solstice Sailing is all these and more.